Behind the Scenes of Musical Brilliance_ A Deep Dive into Two Inch Voices

Reverbnation @Two Inch Voices Two Inch Voices is a Alternative/Folk/Rock band from Sarasota, Fl.; formed in 2007; consisting of (Guitar/Vocals) Jeffery "J Laveau" Arnold, and (Bass/Vocals) Jamie Fritzsching. In 2008, Two Inch Voices began production on their self-titled Ep; which was released in 2012 on Capo Records. In the Fall of 2016, Two Inch Voices recorded their 3 song Ep titled "3 Piece and a Biscuit" producer Jason Schmidt at RedLine Sound Studios. This record gained them radio play, festival and direct support spots, interviews and appearances on podcasts in both the U.S. and overseas. In 2018, Two Inch Voices recorded and released their "Absolution" Ep. Fast forward to 2021, Two Inch Voices have moved forward into the unknown. With the original band slowly coming to a halt, (Guitar/Vocals) Jeffery "J Laveau" Arnold began writing new solo acoustic material and performing around Florida and New Orleans.