A WordPress GIF is not just a meme for entertainment. It also acts as multimedia content that transforms the plain text into an engaging and interactive piece! That being said, you only reap these benefits with the help of plug-ins, CTAs, or a GIF compressor.

So knowing how to leverage its power is crucial.

Scroll down to learn more about the tips and tricks of using WordPress GIF as a part of your blogging and marketing strategy!

Leverage Animated GIFs As Visual Aid

People find it hard to maintain focus through long tutorials or complex instructions. You can accompany such types of textual content with visual elements like GIFs!

Research has found that people are more interested in seeing visual content. The moving elements in GIFs make it easier for the audience to understand what is being said in the text.

At the same time, you should avoid adding too many GIFs, or it may lessen the importance of your blog text.

Include CTAs

You can also spice up your GIFs by adding a Call-To-Action to them!

A WordPress GIF easily catches the user’s attention. So, a CTA attached to it is more likely to get clicks than a stand-alone CTA.

The GIF should be visually appealing but not so complex that the users never turn their eyes to the CTA. You should also make sure it is relevant to the intent of the CTA to keep the user experience positive!

Use Lossy Compression

Since GIFs have so many frames compressed to make an animation, their size is very heavy. As a result, the loading performance of WordPress pages with GIFs will be really slow, affecting user experience.

So you need to optimize GIF with the help of lossy compression. It is a GIF size compressor method that reduces file size by deleting the unimportant data from the original file.

Compressing GIFs is not easy. How do you reduce the size of the WordPress GIF without compromising its quality?

A top-notch plugin such as Gumlet can compress the gif and reduce file size without diminishing the GIF quality.

Optimize Duplicate Frames

Another way to optimize your WordPress GIF is by eliminating duplicate frames. This helps reduce the file size even further!

With every GIF, the animation will start, rest and then repeat the moving elements again. You cannot tell, but there are multiple frames of that resting point, adding to the WordPress GIF file size.

So cut out these unnecessary frames while making sure the WordPress GIF is still giving the desired effect. A GIF compressor can also help with this task.

Customize GIFs With Plug-Ins

Apart from using a GIF compressor, you can also try plug-ins to create custom GIFs to suit your content. They include tools that are easy to use and make awesome GIFs.

Many plug-ins also have the ability to convert other visual content like Lottie animations into, say, Lottie GIFs. Here are some plug-ins to try – EZGif, Gifmaker.me and GIPHY GIF Maker

First, make your GIF with one of these plug-ins and then use the GIF compressor to fix the size. Easy peasy!

Summing It Up

GIFs will bring life to your website! It will grab and maintain the attention of the audience until they reach the point of conversion.

This should not mean that you overdo it. As always, keep the GIFs simple yet visually appealing. With these tips, your blog is ready to turn things more exciting for itself and its readers!

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