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What Is Rich Media And How It Can Boost Your Website

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Not gaining enough traffic through standard banner ads? Rich media ads will save your day. Read on to know how they increase engagement and website performance.

Sayali Saswadkar
Sayali Saswadkar

20 April 2023

What Is Rich Media And How It Can Boost Your Website

If you own a company selling its products and services online, your primary target will be fetching more traffic. So, email marketing, PPC ads, and social media marketing are your go-to strategies.

However, it’s not that simple to convert visitors to buyers these days, thanks to the extreme competition. Most customers are bored with normal pushy ads and try ignoring them.

So, the best step forward is attracting them through more creative and interactive ads, such as rich media. These interactive ads are a combination of text, image, and video.

It captures a visitor’s attention, boosting a website and enhancing sales. Let’s dive into its details!

What Is Rich Media?

Rich media is a digital advertising strategy that consists of text, videos, audio, and animations to grab the user’s attention. Unlike regular banner ads or other online ads that are mostly static, rich media ads enable you to interact with them.

And while interacting with the ad content, you are attracted to the service being marketed. As a result, you may stay longer on the webpage and might even be convinced enough to make a purchase.

Also called multimedia banners, these ads allow marketers to promote their products and services in a more visually appealing manner.

Using videos and animations, brands can present their message more profoundly.

The interactive elements connect with the customers to convey the value a specific product or service will add to their lives.  

How Does It Work?

Rich media ads are visually appealing and sophisticated. A rich media creative is powered with HTML5, JavaScript, and related technologies. They work by triggering user interaction. If you click on these ads, it may float, expand or begin a video very organically without being pushy.

These can offer the user multiple layers of content, including videos, audio, a social media post, or a game. The ads are also very responsive and can adapt according to the user’s device.

Rich media ads offer marketers important information about the customer’s behavior through their interactions with the ad.  

Examples Of Rich Media

The way rich media separates itself from traditional media content is its brand storytelling. The content talks about the brand through engaging videos or infographics, enabling the marketers to connect with their target audience.

The most successful rich media content examples include the following –

  • Videos These convey detailed information about a product/service in a very appealing style. You can include interactive elements such as pop-up banners and a video carousel.
  • Podcasts – You can offer valuable content relevant to the brand through free podcasts. Users will know about your brand while doing their daily activities.
  • GIFs These are funny animated pictures conveying a simple message.
  • Infographics These have a higher engagement rate and present valuable info using stats and pictures. A CTA button at the end can fetch you lots of traffic.
  • Instagram stories – Brand ambassadors or influencers can introduce a product using these. Users can comment, share, like, or share them.
  • Live streams and webinars – You can offer educational, promotional, or entertaining content through these mediums.    

Rich Media Campaigns

Rich media content campaigns aim at enhancing an existing marketing strategy or developing a new one.

Email Programs

35% of the marketers send 3 to 5 emails to their target customers. Such an email marketing campaign can be improved by injecting rich media content.

You can add GIFs, interactive infographics, and ads to grab the reader’s attention and convert them into customers. Carousel banners and branded QR codes also work wonders. In addition, you can embed engaging videos promoting your service.

Target Messaging

Rich media messaging can transform your run-of-the-mill messaging campaign by offering videos, QR codes, links, and images.

These creative elements offer the intended message in a very brief but interactive manner. It increases conversion rates and enables you to get a better insight into your target customer’s behavior.

Display Campaign

Most online display campaigns work on a CPC (cost per click) basis. These ads can be taken up a notch by including a video or a CTA button at the end. Opt-in forms will also make it better and provide you with basic information about your target customers.

Rich media content will make the campaign appearance catchy and more clickable.

Benefits Of Rich Media For Boosting Website

Rich media ads not only bring more organic traffic to your site but also enhance your brand’s visibility. The other amazing benefits include:

Higher CTR

When users are attracted to your content, they’re more likely to interact with it. So, clicking on videos, interactive banners, CTA buttons, and opt-in forms together enhance CTR.

It also helps you attract various customer groups using different rich media types like video or podcasts.


The visual elements in rich media content allow readers to understand what you’re saying clearly. After an interesting ad or video, the user is more likely to check out services by clicking on the CTA button. Wepik offers a vast selection of online flyer templates for you to choose from, so you can create the perfect design for your ad.

So, the engagement rates of your site are increased, and the bounce rate is decreased.

Improved Performance

Your site’s performance is boosted with increased conversion rates, high customer engagement, and a better user experience. Also, you can build better buyer personas by tracking the engagement metrics on a video or podcast.

Happy Customer Base

Visually appealing and thought-provoking content allows customers to remember your brand. It also helps in developing a more interesting user experience, making the customer happier. And, a happier customer base brings more business!

Setbacks Of Rich Media

Developing rich media content is not all peaches and cream, as it’s time-consuming. Some of its drawbacks are –

  • Requires greater bandwidth to view it
  • Development and production expenses may be high
  • Rich media requiring a plugin for viewing might shove off some users
  • Sufficient creative and design skills are required to prepare them
  • Users may block them via ad-blockers

Summing Up

Rich media can boost your site’s engagement and enhance your brand awareness. By setting your site apart from the rest, you can also attract customers from varied demographics. Plus, as they offer a richer customer experience, you can accelerate their buyer’s journey too.

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