How Gumlet Image CDN Can Help in Scaling Your Business

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Looking to reach new heights? Thousands of enterprises touch their peak with the support of an image CDN. Gumlet image CDN is your solution. Here’s how.

Naveed Altaf A
Naveed Altaf A

9 June 2021

How Gumlet Image CDN Can Help in Scaling Your Business

Gumlet Image CDN harnesses the principle that your company’s aptitude to grow and evolve is what measures its success. Your websites and applications fall into the same tier- they must be able to scale up or down on demand. The ways to scale your business are virtually boundless, but Gumlet is a sure-shot facilitator.

With a reliable CDN on your team, you can bring in more dynamic content, add to webpage quality, and increase functionality. Scaling your website is easier and more efficient with Gumlet image CDN. How? Let’s take a look.

Achieving Scalability With Gumlet Image CDN

As your business grows, your website will welcome more traffic. The server load will be significant, and outages can occur. It is pretty expensive to serve images in terms of memory. Gumlet image CDN will cache your photos and prevent requests from toppling your server, allowing consistent uptime.

Image CDNs are part of the global internet backbone that supports millions of businesses and websites. Achieving scalability without an image CDN can be a complex process with extensive guesswork involved. However, you cannot hope to witness expected results with just about any CDN; you need the highest grade.

Gumlet image CDN gives you the power to deliver brilliant images to your end-users. Gumlet’s features help create conditions for ideal user experiences that nurture growth.

You can bid farewell to complexities that otherwise come with this and occupy a chunk of your time and resources. With Gumlet taking care of your image management, you can entirely devote your focus to growing your business.

Here’s how Gumlet image CDN can help you with business scaling:

Increase Exposure With Better SEO

There is plenty of focus on high-quality content and top-notch websites, but businesses often overlook SEO for images. With excellent image optimization, you aid search engines in gaining a better understanding of your website. With that comes an increased exposure in image search results. It is critical for producing interest in your services and products.

Gumlet image CDN handles image delivery most efficiently, reducing the weight of your pages too. Lighter pages load quicker and rank better, especially since Google prioritizes page speed. Gumlet image CDN and its image optimization do not simply keep your customers happy; they keep your search engine happy too.

Streamline Image Management

When you have a smart image CDN that lifts all related burdens off your shoulders, you can look at your business with crystal-clear focus. Gumlet image CDN simplifies image management and helps you get everything in order- from sizing and orientation to storage and optimization.

Inefficient image management can be the devil your website does not need concerning management. With Gumlet image CDN, this will no longer be a concern as it eliminates manual resizing and optimization. Image content and the receiving browser dictate the delivery of exceptional images. The format will be perfect to a T.

Image manipulation via Image API is also easier with Gumlet image CDN, which helps you set parameters like size, image overlay, text overlay, and more.

Your business will be all geared up to achieve scalability when image management is flawless and capable of rising to every occasion.

The Gumlet.js library can support you in assimilating with any platform in under ten minutes.

Engage With More Users With High-Quality Images

In the superfast digital world of today, attention spans are short. There is no doubt that images speak louder than words. Websites with high-quality, crisp images complementing their content are more effective in user engagement and capture more views.

Users are more likely to spend time on your website when you sell your services or products through a blend of content and imagery. The bounce rate will experience a drop, and you will be able to form a link between your clients and your company.

Gumlet image CDN is in stride with the latest developments so that your business can benefit from the best. With modern imaging formats that only a few can offer, Gumlet image CDN creates room for business scaling. Some examples of these next-generation formats include HEIF and AVIF images. AVIF images are nearly 20% lighter than other formats, facilitating premium quality in the smallest size.

Gumlet also offers unique features like image overlay that can engage users with a personal touch.

Convert Leads With Faster Page Loads

You can win more customers with faster page loads.

Customers today have a need for speed, with their interest mainly depending upon the swiftness of your website. If webpages take beyond 3 seconds to load, visitors are less likely to leave with a satisfactory experience. It can wound your conversions.

Gumlet uses Amazon CloudFront CDN with more than 200 PoPs worldwide to load its images. Gumlet image CDN has a unique client library that automatically and immediately handles all image optimization tasks.

It provides automated responses and takes care of resizing, compression, and format conversions in no time. The Gumlet image CDN library runs and carries out all calculations at page load and doles our responsive images.

Business scaling is within your reach when customers have an incentive to return to your website time and again.

Track Analytics For Further Optimization

Analytics form the base for growth and business scaling. Gumlet image CDN functions on lines of pure transparency, so you have access to all details.

You will receive thorough email reports about the supply of images, offering comprehensive insights. It will update you on all image CDN analytics of your website. It will play a vital role in mapping your journey towards better conversions in the long run.

Summing It Up

Gumlet image CDN is not just accessible; it is affordable as well. It combines the benefits of a personal manager, an SEO professional, and an image API to help you dish out the best user experience.

Gumlet image CDN has delivered more than 82.29 billion optimized photos across 6000 active sites worldwide. Clients with requirements as large as half a million images per day save up to 66% in CDN costs while experiencing no compromise on quality.

The successful profile of Gumlet image CDN stands as a testimony to its premium performance. Business scaling has never been more reachable. Gumlet image CDN is at your service.

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