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Gumlet Emerges as the High Performer among Content Delivery Networks on G2

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Gumlet is truly honored to be named as a High Performer in the Content Delivery Network Category by G2. Read ahead to find out the reasons!

Shashikanth Manjunatha
Shashikanth Manjunatha

30 November 2022

Gumlet Emerges as the High Performer among Content Delivery Networks on G2

We are happy to share that Gumlet has added another feather to its cap. Gumlet is truly honored to be named as a High Performer in the Content Delivery Network Category by G2.

What Made G2 Choose Gumlet as High Performer in Content Delivery Network Category

Gumlet is an optimized image distribution service. Gumlet was designated as High Performer based on its Content Delivery Network and market penetration. On the G2 platform, a maximum of our customers rated us four or five stars.

Simple Integration and User Interface

Gumlet sends the correct sized image in the most optimum format to each user using a JavaScript plugin and AI-powered image compression. We offer a one-stop platform for media management. You do not need any further integration work.

Besides, Gumlet is quite simple to interface with major platforms. There will be no extensive API integration or future maintenance.

The other reasons include allowing access to a geographically scattered network of points of presence (PoPs) in various data centers. Gumlet also assists websites in accessing this network to distribute content to website visitors.

Faster Image Loading

To ensure maximum availability and minimal latency, images are served over a world-class CDN.

Gumlet lays an array of benefits. Providing services aimed at improving website performance and adjustable Internet bandwidth allotment.

All these are based on client requirements. We optimize images in the most efficient way possible. To the credit of its amazing outputs, Gumlet tends to outperform all alternatives.

Our image optimization product comes with a declarative configuration and offers ease of managing all actions. Besides, we have a data center of servers to decrease the chance of individual instances becoming overloaded.

Better Web Performance

Web performance is crucial for accessibility. It also includes other website metrics that support an organization's or business's goals.

Through Gumlet, you can copy and paste the code on the right into your website. Then an individual or firm can begin optimizing all past, current, and future images using Gumlet.

There is an increase in conversions and income as consumers enjoy a seamless visual experience. Websites that load in 3 seconds or less earn 2X more ad income than the average.

Robust Customer Support Team

Customer service is more than just answering questions; it is a vital element of its promise to its consumers.

Gumlet takes great pleasure in the level of customer service. The results and achievements speak for themselves. We received a great score for Quality of Customer Support, making our product one of the highest-rated among its peers.

Gumlet Features Loved by G2 Users

Image Presentation

Large, unoptimized pictures may wreak havoc on your website, making it sluggish and clumsy like nothing else.

G2 has lauded Gumlet for its fast and seamless infrastructure. It has been awarded for picture performance in terms of how well it is presented on the websites.

Image Optimization

Your website's picture content is just as vital as its text content. Both of these elements contribute to an increase in SEO ranking.

Gumlet boosts your SEO by using optimised pictures. This also helps your page load quicker and lowers your website's operating costs.


Gumlet uses Google's Lighthouse engine to evaluate the web page. This information is utilised in PageSpeed Insight reports.

To ensure that the photos are the correct size and format for both mobile and desktop platforms. All you need to optimise your photos will be included in the final report.

Final Thoughts

Winning the G2 recognition in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) category is a big milestone on our journey to becoming the most trusted image optimization service.

Gumlet image CDN provides 45% more optimized photos at a 20% reduced CDN cost. With an automated no-code platform, anybody can optimize their website in 15 minutes. Moreover, Gumlet has always been extremely simple to connect with major platforms. There is no extensive API integration or future maintenance.

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