How it works

Serving your images at the right dimensions and the best image format for each browser is the simplest way to improve your website performance.


How to Get Started

1. Set Image Source

Tell gumlet about where your source images are stored. Once that is setup, all your imags will be fetched from the source you setup.

2. Add Gumlet.js

Add gumlet.js to <head>of your website. Gumlet.js docs can be found here. The CDN URL of gumlet.js is:

3. Modify <img> tags

Replace src with data-src attributes for all your images. Here is a seminal guide to srcset and sizes.

Image Delivery

One Image to Rule Them All

You need to maintain only one master image when you use Gumlet. You retain total control over your images while we deliver optimum size and right format of image to each and every user.

99.9% Uptime SLA

We are committed to provide world-class service hence we provide the best in industry uptime SLAs.

Worldwide CDN

Our CDN network covers all parts of the world so your users get optimised images faster no matter where they are located.