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Additional Tracks

API reference for adding audio or/and subtitle tracks. Can be used with Create Asset POST request.

  • Audio Tracks: Allows delivering video with one or more audio streams in different languages.
  • Status Tracks: Allows delivering video with one or more subtitle streams (refers to the text on the screen for translation purposes) in different languages.

Gumlet transcodes and delivers audio or/and subtitle streams present in the video container. In addition to that, we also provide the functionality to add audio/subtitle streams into Gumlet for transcoding and delivery via API. To add an audio stream, you will need to provide an audio file in any of the following formats: mp3, opus, flac, wav, ac3, m4a, aac. And to add subtitles, you will need to provide either a SRT or WebVTT file containing the subtitle information to the Gumlet API. These tracks can be added via Gumlet API using the additional_tracks parameter (in Create Asset POST request) which takes an array of Object with the following fields. Except for the name field, all parameters are required.

urlURL or web address of a file that Gumlet should download to add a stream.
typeType of additional track. Value can be either audio or subtitle.
language_codeThe language code value represents BCP 47 specification compliant value. For example, en for English.
nameThe name of the track containing a human-readable description.
curl -L -X POST '' \-H 'Authorization: Bearer Bearer <YOUR API KEY>' \-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \-d '{    "input":"",    "source_id": "5f462c1561cf8a766464ffc4",    "format": "hls",    "additional_tracks" : [        {            "url":"",            "type": "audio",            "language_code": "en-US",            "name": "English"        }    ]}'