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Serve Static files with Gumlet

Gumlet support serving any static files via its fast global Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

It is super easy to serve other static files (like JavaScripts, CSS files, PDFs, etc) via CDN using Gumlet. All you need is a valid Gumlet subdomain. If you are setting up Gumlet for the first time, please refer to this guide to set up your Gumlet source and subdomain.

Once the source is set up, all that remains is to test the implementation. Check if your static files is accessible via your Gumlet subdomain .

Once the test is successful you are ready to go!

If there is any issue, then the source is not set up correctly. Reach out to us over support chat and email for assistance.

The next step is to replace the hostnames in the URLs of your static files with the Gumlet subdomain in your web application. Follow our no-code guides to achieve this for

To do this on any other platform, kindly follow platform guidelines to achieve this. In most cases, it is as trivial as changing the one variable for the hostname.


Gumlet does not provide an automatic clear all cache functionality for its CDNs. The cache can be cleared one URL at a time using the dashboard or the API. Read our documentation on cache management.