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Information about changing subdomains from to

What is the change?#

Gumlet is switching to domain for image delivery starting from 23rd June 2020. Any new source / subdomain created will be of format instead of as it used to be before 23rd June 2020.

There is no change in functionality, whether a gumlet source is created with a .io or .com subdomain. The images will be delivered via AWS Cloudfront CDN for domains.

Why is this change being done?#

We are launching our own CDN for image delivery and affordable CNAME on 25th June 2020 (Read more). Images delivered via our own Gumlet CDN will be from subdomains. is created to distinguish the image delivery via AWS Cloudfront CDN available only to Appsumo, Business, and Enterprise plans (Read more).

What actions are required from my side?#


No actions are required from your side if you are using WordPress or JavaScript Plugin to integrate Gumlet with your website.

Image sources created before 23rd June 2020 will continue to work. We will soon publish updates to our WordPress and JavaScript plugin to automatically incorporate this change.


Gumlet API users, Magento users OR any other non WordPress / JavaScript plugin users will be required to change from to manually in the production environment before 30th September 2020.

Please note, your current production deployment will keep working as it is until 30th September 2020 with subdomain. There is no immediate action is required.

This is a soft migration, sources created before 23rd June 2020 will work for URLs of both to domains until 30th September 2020. But you are advised to switch your production systems as soon as possible.

Can you explain with an example?#

If you are using a source like you will now need to use



The only difference is changing from .com to .io in domain name.

What do I need to do if I am using custom domain with Gumlet?#

Your custom domain will keep working as it is. Over next few months, we will reach-out to you with exact instructions for change in DNS records. We will ensure your custom domains keep working as it is for a long time to come and currently no change is required.

Will old links to my images break?#

Old links to images will keep working fine till 30th September 2020. Beyond that point we will start issueing 301 Moved Permanently codes for all requests to domain. It will basically redirect your users to this new domain automatically. If you need to ensure that this redirection does not happen, you can move to domain.

Will this have an impact on my SEO?#

This will not have any negative impact on SEO. Your images will be as optimised and fast as it has been so far.